Le Chocolaterie

In the corner of a tiny village within the city, perhaps
Hampstead or Primrose Hill one does not know, there is a quaint, dark mahogany
fronted shop with overflowing flower baskets either side and a small, purring
kitten waiting patiently on the doorstep.  Passing through the door a bell
chimes and the most delicious, intoxicating scent is absorbed to the very
core.  Two tables with chairs sit neatly by the window, each with a rose
printed tablecloth and a fresh vase of handpicked flowers.  Beautiful
black and white prints hang on the wall in mismatched frames of all shapes and
sizes and from somewhere that can't be seen the faint sound of Parisian music
floats around the sweet air.  A glass
cabinet treasure box sits enticingly with every choice of smooth chocolate
imaginable.  A special chocolate for
every thought that could ever be thought to send; I love you, I’m thinking of
you, get well soon, you are beautiful, you are everything anyone could wish
for, you make me happy.  Rose and violet
creams, rich, velvety caramels, dark bittersweet crunch, smooth hot chocolate,
crumbling truffles.  Handmade gift boxes
sit adorned with bows and ribbons waiting to be filled with pretty
temptations.  A gentle humming comes from
a lady preparing the magic out the back, an apron tied around the waist and
hair tied up in a headscarf to match. 
The cat purrs in the distance and she looks up smiling a smile as sweet
as the treasures she makes.  She is
happy. xxxxxxxx  



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