Ed’s Is Where Its At!!

Now I know this probably sounds sad and a lot of people would think its just a silly chain restaurant but my favourite, favourite place to eat out is Ed's Diner.  Tacky maybe? I don't know but the 1950s jukebox music and red booths always get me smiling.  I think my sweetheart gets rather annoyed with me jiggling around in my seat to the music but he knows its a sure way to my heart if he takes me here! You cannot beat the peanut butter milkshake and I have not come across another place in the big city that does chilli cheese fries the same way! My only remark is that I wish all the waiters and waitresses wore 50s clothes and maybe roller-skates, that would be the creme de la creme.  Who knows, maybe I'll open a 50s Diner alongside my chocolate shop?? xxxx

Eds Edsballoons Edsbooth  Milkshakeshake 

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