Together You Make Beauty

Stormy rainbow skies

The clouds are angry

 The sun beats down on
them coaxing them

Torturing their candy floss layers

They cannot take the pressure, they explode

With lashings of driven rain

Roaring through bleak grey skies

Angels come out of their candy floss homes

Do not fret, anger has no place

In a sky full of possibilities

You can be one in harmony, cloud and sun

Together you can make beautiful magic

Apart there is only loneliness

The beating rain subdues, the sun smiles

Flashes of colour streak the sky

An arch of loveliness and splendour

Shimmering full of hope

Angels sing atop the colours in the sky

Created for only you

Together you make beauty

Where no one else pry

-miss english rose

 Rainbow skiesRainbow skyies reflection
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