Miss Edie Sedgwick

Today I pay homage to the one and only Edie.  She was a beauty because she was not beautiful (not generically anyway) She had spirit and fire.  However when I look at photographs of her I can't help but feel a twinge of sadness.  A sadness that seems to have always followed her.  Her untimely death was unfortunate but I can't help but think that she was never meant to live until wrinkles and arthritis overtook her.  Perhaps she new her spirit would never be able to carry on with its same bright, burning light for ever and ever, so let it burn brighter than most for a shorter period of time? Anyway I might watch Factory Girl tonight, I've seen it many times and no matter what the critics say I thought Sienna did a rather lovely job!


Edie       Edie1Edie2

I couldn't find ho done these photographs to credit them so if anyone knows please tell me so I can credit accordingly. xx

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