Jonas Lofgren

Today I was flipping through an old issue of Lula and I came across these Jonas Lofgren illustrations and I remembered how much I love them.  They are so dark yet beautiful with a drop of humour.  They seem to encapsulate the beauty and horror of finding out your a girl becoming a lady.  Thinking you know who you are and know everything about the world, but there is so much to come! xxx

Enid coleslaw-jonas lofgren.bildmekanik Lydia Deetz-Jonas Lofgren.bildmekanik Wednesday.addams-jonas lofgre.bildmekanik Margot tenenbaum-jonas lofgren.bildmekanik 

(Margot holds a very special place in my heart, I feel a margot dedicated post is due very soon!)

All illustrations by Jonas Lofgren

(site is currently under construction though)

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One Comment on “Jonas Lofgren”

  1. Alice Saga Says:

    Love Love Love this.

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