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Oh Mon Deux…..where does a gal start!  You see I am off on holiday in November.  To Walt Disney World, I know not very vintage chic of me however I think it is my father clutching onto the fact that my brother and I are still children (We are 19 and 22) so we will indulge him.  Plus he is paying for it and I am secretly a Disney fanatic, I know very uncool!  Anyway I digress… seeing as I am going to be jetting over to Florida I figured I would be need swimming attire.  This in itself is a personal nightmare for me, almost as nightmarish as buying bras!  You see I have an ample bust and a rather small waist in comparison.  I can hear you all now screaming "what is this gal complaining about??"! Do not get me wrong I am in nooo way complaining!! I am rather fond of my hourglass physique and have learnt to accommodate it well (thank god for the 40's and 50's eh!)  But when it comes to things like swimwear it can be a large dosing of hell trying to find something that fits correctly without squishing my chest flat or letting them have a mind of their own (sometimes I swear they do!). 

So after much searching for retro inspired swimwear I come across Esther William, obviously inspired by the movie star herself, and boy am I happy I did.  I was not happy at spending £75 (including postage from USA) at first but I am so happy I did! I ordered the classic swimsuit sheath in black with white polka dots, the measurements for the size 12 where exactly the same as my own measurements so I took the risk and just prayed it would fit. ….and it did.  Like a DREAM! I cannot recommend these swimsuits enough!  The quality is excellent, the fit just perfect and the cut is very 1950s and very flattering! I am so happy-hence the very long drivel I am subjecting you too! Sorry.  But when you next need swimwear buy it from here!!  Oh and also the lady Laureen who I e-mailed with lots of questions was lovely and so helpful so big thumbs up to her!

Hope your all having a lovely weekend!

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Esther Williams

Esther Williams

Esther williams 

Esther Williams Swimwear

(Mine is black with white dots, the website photos really DON'T do it justice!)

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