……..so please cut me a bit of slack with lame posting on the run up to Christmas as my body clock is still crazy and so much to do in so little time!!!  I had a lovely time away and the sunshine was divine! I think Disney is just about the happiest place in the world….maybe even creepily so! I did start to wonder if all the smiley, happy Americans were really on some form of amphetamine! 

    Obviously due to my 2 week intense Disney exposure I have to post some Disney inspiration and I must say I really am in love with my British Disney transformations! i.e. Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland!  An extremely well dressed nanny with a charming dash of eccentricity and a little girl with such imagination that none the less still includes a good, old tea party could only be British really.  So I salute their Britishness (is that a word) and thank that Disney never gave Mary Poppins an American accent!  I guess I am feeling rather patriotic after my two weeks away!  I tell you something….I sure missed tea!! Americans just don't do tea! I had to use 3 teabags just to make it brew!. cerrazzy!!!

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Mary poppins 

Mary poppins 

Mary poppins


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