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Mid Week Pick-me-Up…..Bourjois Vintage Packaging

October 21, 2009

Love the packaging on these new limited edition eyeshadows from Bourjois, get them at asos.

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Bourjois eyeshadow
Bourjois eyeshadow


Lisa Freemont-Vintage Hair Techniques

September 24, 2009

This lady does very good vintage hair tutorial videos on You Tube! I found her after reading Elinkan blog (she is just beautiful don't you think!) and I've been going through all her videos this morning and she really knows what she's talking about! Check them out here!  Also check out her blog where she reviews products as gives more handy tips.

Lisa freemont

Home Sweet Home

September 2, 2009

Bedside tableBookwormFoot VasePhoto framesVogue

All Photographs By Miss English Rose


Vintage Inspired Beauty Find of the Month!!

August 12, 2009


A few weeks ago I was checking ou one of my favourite blogs Queens Of Vintage and I came across this very interesting article about modern/vintage inspired skin care.  Now my skin is fairly normal but I constantly think about all the lotions and potions available these days and its just so mind boggling.  I've always been rather intrigued about how the ladies of my favourite past decades looked after their skin.  They always look so luminous in old photographs and they didn't have the benefits of today's photoshopped society so they must have been doing something right! Now I've tried many expensive brands, clarins, clinique etc etc and I never really find them any more spectacular that the more cheaper ones (although I do like Clarins water-comfort peach cleanser)…..So anyway after checking out this article I popped into Boots to have a look at their new Original Beauty Formulas range.  It's all inspired by the popular products they used to sell many moons ago with vintage inspired packaging to boot (I'm a sucker for nice packaging).  I've been using the Rose Vanishing Cream for a couple of weeks now and it is AMAZING!  I am an impatient girl in the morning and hate waiting for my moisturiser to soak in before I apply my make-up.  Well this moisturiser does exactly what it says! Vanishes! Straight into your skin leaving it soft, supple and glowing.  I definitely recommend! Oh and apparently the products also have the Queens approval….well if its good enough for her!!

Miss English Rose


p.s. article about the products on teen vogue US

p.p.s Also another retro kind-of-product that I love is Marks and Spencers Rose roll-on anti perspirant, it is amazingly good at keeping me smelling of roses all day!! and only £1.75!!!

 Boots_original_formulas1Vanishing cream

Louboutin & Laduree

July 30, 2009

The beautiful patisserie Laduree, famous for its pastel coloured macaroons is to collaborate with famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin on a selection of gift boxes.  I haven't been to the Burlington Arcade shop yet but it is now on my list of things to do as the macaroons do look truly scrumptious!! Its all very parisian chic which I just adore. 

Louboutin laduree


 The image above is from the blog Londonelicious.  This girl sure knows her London food!! The blog is dedicated to London and its many lovely food places.


I also learnt that Laduree supplied the treats for Marie Antoinette, now I really want to see the film again!!




Oh my I seem to have made myself very hungry!!!!


Miss Flapper Girl

July 21, 2009

flapper girl perfume

I am rather in love with the roaring twenties at the moment.  I think its because my hair is slowly growing out of its 1960s twiggy crop and the next place I see it going is a cute 20's bob.  Also the first fancy dress party I can remember attending (I was no older than 10) I dressed up as a flapper girl, obviously a stylish young lady from the get-go! haha, if only you could see my school pictures.  so hopefully soon I will have my little bob with rosy cheeks and dark maroon lips! va-va-voom. Also if I can find the photo of me as a young Miss Flapper Girl I will post it up here. xxxx

1920s girl  

 Flapper girl umbrella Flapper3