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Hotel Pelirocco-The Pin-Up Parlour

September 19, 2009

So when we stayed in Brighton last weekend we stayed in the most amazing hotel! It was fabulous, all the rooms are themed around different things.  Of course we had to stay in the pin-up parlour room which is themed around Britain's answer to Marilyn: Diana Dors. Everyone at the hotel was lovely and I think it was very reasonably priced for the room we had.  I would definitely recommend!  I felt like a Hollywood Star!


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Cherub Bedside Lamp

Diana Dors Hotel Pelirocco

Bedside Table

Hotel Pelirocco

Pin Up Parlour Hotel Pelirocco

All Photographs by Miss English Rose

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Vintage Home

September 6, 2009

I'm sure many of you have already seen this website, but I just came across it and it has some lovely pieces so thought I'd share for those of you that haven't seen it!


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Vintage jugs 

Vintage chair 

Vintage books 

Floral bookcase

Bedside table

All images from

(I better actually save for the house first)


Home Sweet Home

September 2, 2009

Bedside tableBookwormFoot VasePhoto framesVogue

All Photographs By Miss English Rose


Liberty’s Tea For Two?

August 28, 2009

 Liberty pheobe teapotLiberty nina teapot

Love these teapots from the Liberty Prints Charming range. A wee bit pricy though! Find them here.  Also love this headband and the retro glasses!!

Liberty headband

Liberty sunglasses 

All photos from liberty website

Miss English Rose xxx


August 26, 2009

 Having finished the huge pile of borrowed library books I am now desperately in need of more (seriously I got through the last pile, 8 to be precise, in a month).  So tomorrow I will trundle off down to my local library and spend a good few hours pouring over all types of books, fiction, art, cooking, interiors, before deciding which ones to cart home with me.  I absolutely love the library, I love the smell of library books, the helpful old ladies and the little children that get so excited over bedtime stories.  However my library is somewhat modern and industrial looking.  I wish I had a local library of Beauty and the Beast stature!! With a winding staircase and those big, long ladders! bliss! x

Library Abbey Library St. Gallen, Switzerland

Abbey Library St. Gallen, Switzerland

Jane hess library 

Jane Hess House Lounge/Library (the whole of this fashion editors house is gorgeous, check it out here)

Library staircase 

Beauty and the beast library 

And of course the library from beauty and the beast!

Miss English Rose xxx