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Highgate Village – The Big City

August 24, 2009

I think this might be one of the most beautiful little places in London and it has one of the best Tea Shops! High Tea in Highgate Village.


Miss English Rose

Highgate house Highgate house1 Highgate car Highgate High tea window 



The Dorchester Spatisserie

August 14, 2009

How lovely does this look?? I desperately want tea and cake here!! Bet its a wee bit pricey though!!

The dorchester spatisserieSpatisserie dorchester

Fortnum & Masons

August 7, 2009

Whilst up in the Big City I popped into Fortnum & Masons.  I love it there!! I love to imagine the Queen going around with her shopping basket and picking out her favourite candied fruit and violet creams.  Unlikely I know but a nice thought anyways! The windows are also so beautiful, the whole place is so ornate and glamourous and oh so very British.  I also went past Laduree in Burlington Arcade, it looks divine!! I have yet to work up the courage to go in though, it's a bit scary and daunting! Also need to wait and save my pennies as those macaroons definitely aren't cheap! Maybe my sweetheart will buy me some as a surprise?! (hint,hint)

Miss English Rose


p.s. sorry for the rather dodgy window shots. x

Fortnum&Mason Window 09 Carousel 

Fortnum&Mason Windows Aug 2009 Fortnum&Mason Window 09 Carousel.

This Is Moi……

August 6, 2009

So I am very aware that I am as of yet not put up pictures of myself.  This is not because I actually have three heads or I don't want people to know what I look like.  It was more to do with the fact that all recent photographs taken of me have not been the greatest, this is something that is a regular occurrence!! I am often the most un-photogenic and hard to photograph person in the world!!(Well maybe apart from someone with three heads)  Just ask my sweetheart, he will agree! He finally got some ok photos this week whilst we were out roaming the streets of the big city.  So here I am people, this is moi! xxxx

Miss english rose English rose 5.8.09 Oh my gosh Miss english rose 5.8.09 

Top & Sunglasses…..H&M


Bag & Pumps…..Russell & Bromley

All Photographs taken by my Sweetheart xxx

Ed’s Is Where Its At!!

July 4, 2009

Now I know this probably sounds sad and a lot of people would think its just a silly chain restaurant but my favourite, favourite place to eat out is Ed's Diner.  Tacky maybe? I don't know but the 1950s jukebox music and red booths always get me smiling.  I think my sweetheart gets rather annoyed with me jiggling around in my seat to the music but he knows its a sure way to my heart if he takes me here! You cannot beat the peanut butter milkshake and I have not come across another place in the big city that does chilli cheese fries the same way! My only remark is that I wish all the waiters and waitresses wore 50s clothes and maybe roller-skates, that would be the creme de la creme.  Who knows, maybe I'll open a 50s Diner alongside my chocolate shop?? xxxx

Eds Edsballoons Edsbooth  Milkshakeshake 

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