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Hello world!

January 29, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


A Modern Love Story-The Time Travelers Wife

July 17, 2009

the time travelers wife book The time travelers wife film

I am currently reading the The Time Travelers Wife for the second time and I absolutely love
it.  It is one of my favourite books and
is a true modern love story, beautifully written and expressed.  Anyone that hasn’t read it defently should, a
love story it may be but not in a ‘everything is perfect’ way.  Therefore I am rather excited but dubious
about the film version being released in August.  I love that with books you can imagine everything
just the way you want but a film can sometimes ruin your perfectly created
literary world.  However I also know that
I have to at least watch the film as the temptation will be too much.  Also Rachel McAdams is starring as Clare and
I absolutely loved her in The Notebook (another
beautiful story) so I am hoping she comes up good a second time around! She is
so stunningly beautiful in an old beauty kind of way-if you get my drift? So on
August 15th I shall be going to check it out and I’m sure you’ll be
hearing what I think. Xxxx

the time travelers wife still1 The time travelers wife still 

….and whilst I'm mentioning The Notebook I had to put some pictures up of the beautiful costumes!!

the Notebook costume Thenotebook bikini sea The-notebook-boat-river

One Lump or Two??

July 9, 2009

I am sooooo excited about the weekend I could literally explode.  I am off to the big city to see the sweetheart and he is taking me to my favourite tea place where they have lumps of sugar and homemade cake and I feel like I've accidentally walked into some crazy, old lady's house (I can't wait to be a crazy old lady).  I also made truffles this week as a start to my chocolate shop dream and they weren't too bad! Photos and recipe to follow soon. xxxxx

photograph by Andrew McCaul

The Big City Canal

July 1, 2009

So whilst up visiting my sweetheart in the big city I took a walk along the canal from Kings Cross to Camden Lock and it really was rather lovely.  It was such a lovely, hot day and for a while it was as if you weren't in the big city at all.  Also some of the boats/barges were lovely, the red and green one particularly reminded me of Rosie and Jim ( do you remember that show?)  I have now decided that upon my return to the big city the sweetheart and myself shall take up residency in a barge, I think it would be rather exciting!!!xxx

BargesBargeboats  Canal Canal1Canalgates Littleshackboat Londoncanal Rosieandjimbarge

Picks From Autumn 09

June 24, 2009
                        Balenciaga                                     Dior


                       Dolce&Gabbana                             Jaegar

DriesLela rose

                       Dries Van Noten                              Lela rose


                        Luella                                            Lacriox

Louis vuitton Zacposen

                       Louis Vuitton                                  Zac Posen

Marc jacobsMarchesa

                       Marc Jacobs                                  Marchesa


                       Moschino                                       Moschino Cheap and Chic


                       Paul Smith                                      Oscar De La Renta


                        Preen                                            Sonia Rykiel

So I finally got time to go through all the Autumn shows and pick out my favourites.  Some of the shows it was hard to just pick one!!  I'm having a sudden feeling for trousers at the moment, which is very strange as Miss English Rose is a dress girl through and through! However I'm really liking the 1940s type cut ones and I love the ones by Preen, I know they should be tacky awful but they work!!  So I shall be donning smart, peg leg trousers, sequins, polka dots, luscious fabrics and florals (of course).  I loved the sparkles on the tights at Zac Posen and the loose pink blazer at Dries Van Noten would be lovely over a 50's floral evening dress.


All photos from

June 19, 2009

Miss English Rose is a Bettette!!!

June 18, 2009

You really must check Betty Magazine out, created by Hannah Burgess and Charlotte Jacklin from UCA Rochester.  I came across it whilst reading Susie Bubble's blog ( thank you so very much Susie) and fell in love with it.  Such unique and lovely, wholesome content.  As a massive, MASSIVE fan of Lula magazine, this magazine is quite similar in image.  It transports you to another land of make believe and magic, a land of old traditions and girls being girls.  There is a mix of vintage fashion and styles, some lovely photos, interviews, even an article on modern sex (but in a completely un-cosmopolitan way).   Miss English Rose likes very much and thinks you will too!! I just wish you could buy it in paper form so I could pore over its pages in more detail.  You really can't beat a new magazine and the fresh magazine smell! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm xxxx

A few snippets from Betty………

Betty Betty1 copy Betty2 Betty4 Betty5 Betty6