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Vintage Home

September 6, 2009

I'm sure many of you have already seen this website, but I just came across it and it has some lovely pieces so thought I'd share for those of you that haven't seen it!


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Vintage jugs 

Vintage chair 

Vintage books 

Floral bookcase

Bedside table

All images from

(I better actually save for the house first)



Vintage Goodwood

September 3, 2009

Goodwood vintage

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Queens Of Vintage I've just found out about this new vintage festival held at Goodwood race grounds.  I went to the Goodwood Revival last year which is all 50's themed and celebrates vintage motor racing and it was amazing! Everything is themed to the last detail, the police walking around are in vintage uniforms, there are vintage stalls galore and most people dress up which makes it all the more fun!  The racing part was the only bit that didn't interest me, so it looks like this new festival will be perfect! Find out more here!!  I'm reserving tickets for my sweetheart and I ASAP! xxx

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Pictures from goodwood revival….

Glamour cabs 

from flickr

Goodwood revival




Jelly Shoes!

September 2, 2009

I have been looking for jelly shoes for a very long time!! Now I don't mean modern gladiator style ones that they sell in Office or the likes of, I mean PROPER jelly shoes.  Ones that you use to run around in on the beach when you were little.  I don't know why I've wanted them so badly, maybe a wee bit of nostalgia, or maybe just because I remember them being damn cool Summer shoes!! Anyways I have hunted in a many seaside town for them and they never had adult sizes.  Also the arrival of Crocs (awful, awful things) seems to have diminished the original jelly shoe population even more.  Call me stupid but I never really thought to look on-line (I know crazy!), however the other night I did and hey presto jelly shoes I found and in an array of colours! Pink, clear, black, silver glittery and yellow.  So I have hastily ordered myself a black pair as I thought the silver glittery might just be a tad too childish and border from nostalgic to just plain creepy!  I am now hoping that the sun will come back for just a little longer so I at least get to wear them!!

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Jelly shoes

Bank Holiday Pick-Me-Ups

August 31, 2009

Vintage pinafore dress

Ebay Find

Vivienne westwood melissa shoes 

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Shoes

Cute kitten 

Kittens never fail to put a big smile on my face!

Breakfast at tiffanys 

A healthy dose of Miss Hepburn


Homemade Cupcakes

Teacup ring 

Adorable teacup ring from etsy

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Miss English Rose


Liberty’s Tea For Two?

August 28, 2009

 Liberty pheobe teapotLiberty nina teapot

Love these teapots from the Liberty Prints Charming range. A wee bit pricy though! Find them here.  Also love this headband and the retro glasses!!

Liberty headband

Liberty sunglasses 

All photos from liberty website

Miss English Rose xxx

Margot, Margot, Margot Tenenbaum

August 10, 2009

I adore any Wes Anderson film, but especially The Royal Tenenbaums.  I find Margot one of the most interesting and multi-layered characters.  Love the kohled eyes, sleek hair and fur coat especially!  Also makes me understand completely why it is perceived as 'cool' to smoke, same effect as Audrey with her cigarette holder in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Miss English Rose xxx

Gwyneth as margot

Margot Margot_tenenbaumMargot_tenenbaum1

This Is Moi……

August 6, 2009

So I am very aware that I am as of yet not put up pictures of myself.  This is not because I actually have three heads or I don't want people to know what I look like.  It was more to do with the fact that all recent photographs taken of me have not been the greatest, this is something that is a regular occurrence!! I am often the most un-photogenic and hard to photograph person in the world!!(Well maybe apart from someone with three heads)  Just ask my sweetheart, he will agree! He finally got some ok photos this week whilst we were out roaming the streets of the big city.  So here I am people, this is moi! xxxx

Miss english rose English rose 5.8.09 Oh my gosh Miss english rose 5.8.09 

Top & Sunglasses…..H&M


Bag & Pumps…..Russell & Bromley

All Photographs taken by my Sweetheart xxx